Serenity or Severity?

I saw an extremely interesting advertisement for so-called Game-Eyez glasses ( that claim to reduce eye strain and cortisol levels resulting from high-frequency wavelengths of light. This, the manufacturer claims, will allow people who need to look at computer monitors all day to do so with little soreness in their eyes and a greater ability to both relax while viewing and fall asleep after viewing their monitors.

I’ve looked up a review and apparently these glasses are for real. By blocking out the “blue light” coming at you from your monitor, these glasses stop strenuous cortisol release in your brain, for real. This keeps you relaxed and unstressed-and based on weight-loss ads, may even stop you from getting terribly fat while you sit at your computer for endless hours.

Apparently it can be hard to refocus when you put on the glasses and take them off, but for prolonged use, they are critically acclaimed. They improve color contrast, making what you see on the monitor much crisper. Many people report whites turning yellowish, but this is how the glasses work, and most seemed happy with the change. As well, your eyes won’t be burned out of their sockets after prolonged MMO exposure, thus alleviating the gamer’s dilemma of looking like a crack addict all the time.


~ by Bob on July 5, 2008.

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