More Mini (Sorta) Figurines

As a follow up to my follow up, this is mini figurines part 2!

This time we take a look a larger scale figurines with significantly more detail!

Take these, for instance:

Balthier, Ovelia and Delita, as seen in Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

Back side detail

These are the only such size figurines I currently own, though I’d love to complete the set. Unless you count my old Temjin from Virtual On circa 1997, but that’s more of a Plamo (plastic model). In any case, I want to point out the great amount of attention paid to detail and the excellent craftsmanship of these three. I was especially enamored of Ovelia’s hair and cape-I never expected such detailed folds in her cloak, nor designs. Her skirt also has very detailed waving ripples in it, and ankles and shoes underneath. Most plastic toys in the U.S. don’t really hold a candle. Delita actually has his left index finger-and only that finger-running along the edge of his cutlass. Even with such a demanding detail, the assembly of his arms into their sockets still allowed it to mesh up flawlessly.


~ by Bob on June 27, 2008.

One Response to “More Mini (Sorta) Figurines”

  1. War of the Lions is such a great concept for a Final Fantasy game. Instead of going the route of super realistic CGI cutscenes like Square Enix usually likes to do, the stylized hand drawn sprites give the game a much more authentic feel, and make it far more enjoyable.

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