Mini Figurines

To build on my last post, mini figurines are much like gashapon aside from the fact that they don’t come out of vending machines. Mini figurines are alluring in that they involve an element of randomness but can be bought anywhere, including online.

Specifically, I’m alluding to Square Enix “trading arts” figurines of which I have some small number. I liked the characters from Final Fantasy IV, no matter how stunted, primary color’d or simplistic they were, so those are the ones I went after. I had to mail order Cid on eBay (back left) but the collection is complete!

This game was so fun

Too bad there aren’t figurines of Edward, FuSoYa, Yang, Telah, Palom and Porom… Golbez… the elemental fiends… Perhaps they’ll come later though. I also have a rather sassy Ashe from this very same series of figurines. Oddly, all of these FFIV characters were done in one collection, whereas the next collection contains Auron, Squall, Tifa, Ashe and Basch. Here’s to hoping they mix in more FFIV characters with future releases.

As a side note, if anyone wants an Ashe figurine, I have like two exra. First come, first served!


~ by Bob on June 27, 2008.

One Response to “Mini Figurines”

  1. The Kain figure on the far right is certainly my favorite. After playing as a dragoon in Final Fantasy XI for several years, Kain represents the epitome of badassery that I think all Dragoons strive for, at least in FFXI. Plus, his armor gives him that dragon-like look, that makes him look really dangerous and adds to the historical appeal, referencing ancient China/Japan and dragon myths.

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